Frank Viele (from the album Fall Your Way) - Frank Viele has a street growl. His is the kind of voice you hear on a city corner, some guy with a guitar and a story that grabs you enough to miss crossing with the light. The sort of singing that echoes through subway tunnels competing with the comings and goings of trains. Fall Your Way is the most recent release from Frank Viele. He packs the album with the view from behind a blue collar, wisdom that sits with Frank as he sips bourbon to toast the cartoon characters on his television screen. Fall Your Way is his debut, and the songs track a lifetime of listening as the album counts “Easy Money” with Rock and Soul, keeps safe on rolling rhythms with “Monsters in the Hall”, softly whispers “Tonight I Must Leave Your Arms”, and spreads guitar twang on the Rock warnings of “How Dare You Say You're Sorry”.

Fran Viele is a musical chameleon on the Fall Your Way, his vocals the common ground. He is the street survivor, never falling victim to the night or the hearts that litter boulevards and boardwalks. Joe Bonamassa joins Frank Viele on album opener “Broken Love Song” as Frank follows a wandering horn through misty headlights vowing “Someday I’m Gonna Make You Mine”. He tosses out some funk to “Kick Up Your Heels”, boogies down the red carpet in “Kalifornia”, and backs Bob Dylan’s words with Folk Rock as Fall Your Way remembers “You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”.

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