The Top Ten Songs of the Week has the #1 spot held by a man who has guitar licks plastered over rock’n’roll from the 1980’s forward. Eric Ambel was a member of The Blackhearts and backed Joan Jett on her “I Love Rock’n’Roll” career launcher as well as a member of The Del-Lords and Steve Earle’s Dukes. Eric is solo with Jimbo Mathus producing the upcoming release, Lakeside, and on the Top Ten with “Have Mercy”. The recent Spring Solstice had its effect on the Top Ten as Tanita Tikaram shakes “Gris Gris Tails”, Haroula Rose hears “Sirens”, and Lee Harvey Osmond steers down “Blue Moon Drive”. Lucinda Williams offers her version of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s “Factory” and John Fullbright joins The Grahams on “Tender Annabelle”. The pedal is to the metal as Prophets and Outlaws introduce an “Outlaw like Me”, Pauline Andres urges to “Drive like Steve McQueen” and The Brothers Brown face facts with “Can’t Outrun the Blues”. The Westies try to turn back time on “Like I Used To” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, March 26, 2016.

01 Have Mercy - Eric Ambel  (from the album Lakeside) - Eric Ambel steps out from behind the production board, giving over the chair to Jimbo Mathus to produce Lakeside. The album will be released April 1, 2016, and Eric offers a song for the Top Ten, and an explanation of the track… ‘”Have Mercy” came together really fast when producer Jimbo Mathus and I were getting ready for our first session for the Lakeside LP. Jimbo liked this musical bit I showed him so we sent it to Charlene McPherson (Spanking Charlene, Sad Bastards of Brooklyn) for some lyrics. Charlene sent us back a story about a guy trying to make his way in the big city and we got down and made a record on it right then.  Have Mercy indeed’.

Listen and buy “Have Mercy” by Eric Ambel is avilable on exclusively on Eric's website

02 Gris Gris Tails - Tanita Tikaram (from the album Closer to the People) - Tanita Tikaram makes her way in deep woods as sunlight tries to filter through the thick beat of “Gris Gris Tails”. The track slithers out of her recent release, Closer to the People.

Listen and buy “Gris Gris Tails” by Tanita Tikaram from AMAZON or iTunes

03 Sirens - Haroula Rose (from the album Here the Blue River) - Haroula Rose hears the “Sirens” call her by name. She travels through the night, pulled by the trance rhythms of a persistently beating drum.

Listen and buy “Sirens” by Haroula Rose from AMAZON or iTunes

04 Blue Moon Drive - Lee Harvey Osmond (from the album Beautiful Scars) - Blue noir defines the mood and rhythms that roll down “Blue Moon Drive”. Lee Harvey Osmond is the narrator as the horns announce a passenger coming on board to duet on a track from the recently release Beautiful Scars.

Listen and buy “Blue Moon Drive” by Lee Harvey Osmond from AMAZON or iTunes

05 Factory - Lucinda Williams (from the album Ghosts of Highway 20) - Lucinda Williams is the sole author driving Ghosts of Highway 20 for the majority of the songs on the double disc. She walks through the “Factory” gates with Brice Springteen and the E Street Band cut on the album’s lone cover.

Listen and buy “Factory” by Lucinda Williams from AMAZON or iTunes

06 Can't Outrun the Blues - The Brothers Brown (from the album Dusty Road) - Brothers Brown comprise the talents of Paul Brown x2. The band’s debut, Dusty Road, puts the rhythm section of David Santos (bass) and Peter Young (drums) behind Los Angeles-based Grammy winning guitarist Paul Brown, and Nashville-based Grammy winning keyboardist Paul Brown.

Listen and buy “Can't Outrun the Blues” by The Brothers Brown from AMAZON or iTunes

07 Like You Used To - The Westies  (from the album Six on the Out) - The Westies let their minds wander ‘on a midnight dreary’ as they follow a lullaby beat down into a dream of where love has brought them and where it is going. Memories slowly turn the rhythm wheel as reality and wishes spin.

Listen and buy “Like You Used To” by The Westies from AMAZON and iTunes

08 Tender Annabelle  (feat. John Fullbright) - The Grahams (from the album Glory Bound Deluxe) - The Grahams head back from the ‘great north woods’ for a track from their expanded recent release, Glory Bound Deluxe. John Fullbright joins the husband and wife duo as they come together to call out for “Tender Annabelle” as the river pulls them down.

Listen and buy “Tender Annabelle  (feat. John Fullbright)” by The Grahams from AMAZON or iTunes

09 Outlaw Like Me - Prophets and Outlaws (from the album V) - Prophets and Outlaws wrangle thick twang and sweet soul as they stack up promises in an effort to win love for an “Outlaw Like Me”. The track is from the band’s recently released V.

Listen and buy “Outlaw like Me” by Prophets and Outlaws from AMAZON or iTunes

10 Drive Like Steve McQueen - Pauline Andres (from the album The Heart Breaks) - Pauline Andres was born in a coal mining town and takes her Roots from heritage and a love of music shared by other coal mining towns across the ocean. Born in France and currently residing in Berlin, Pauline Andres delivers smokey, brooding Euro-Americana as she vows to “Drive Like Steve McQueen”.

Listen and buy “Drive like Steve McQueen” by Pauline Andres from AMAZON or iTunes

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