Ian McFeron (from the album Radio) - There is a familiarity to the songs of Ian McFeron on Radio, his latest release. Ian’s vocal tone pokes an audio memory for the work of Nils Lofgren when he was standing on the corner between Grin and E Street. That heyday era of singer-songwriters as Pop chart contenders is the period that Ian McFeron dials in on Radio. The title track rides in on a pedal steel that picks tunes to complement the sunny, top-down day with music from Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Ray Charles. Radio waits for the sunset fire to dim to quietly offer a “Song to the Night”, reminisces on good times and current losses in “You Were the One”, and puts a determined drumbeat into the water to rowl the moving currents on “River of Time”.

Ian McFeron puts heart and soul into his words, giving the emotional confessions, tender moments, and walks in the sunshine found on Radio the flesh and blood to walk into the world. An audio wind gives the needed push of a breeze to bring “Uninvited” into its humble requests for love as the story of “Moses” looks toward a promised land, and “Feelin’ Good” slides in on a Folk Funk ray of sunshine.

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