Zak Trojano (from the album Yesterday’s Sun) - The light that shines from Yesterday’s Sun shows Zak Trojano in the role of Folk musician. He sits at the center of the album, pulling the strings on many levels. There is a subtle sophistication to the recording that reflects the role of its creator as his musical history grows from a base in the northwest corner of Massachusetts, the fertile musical community of Northampton. Zak Trojano is a multi-instrumentalist. The stories for Yesterday’s Sun have an equal measure, the tales expanding as the characters gain more emotional ties to break (“Come on Up”), find freedom  on an open road and meaning in a sole flower (“”Long Black Vine”), and make choices to move feet stuck in the cement of the past (“ Weight of Moon”).

If each album presents a new magic trick from its artist, on Yesterday’s Sun, the sleight of hand from Zak Trojano is how he deals heavy songs with such a light touch. His guitar strums dark memories of heroes in “Sun Don’t Set”, slides on the rubbery rhythms in “Overcome”, and gently delivers intricate finger-style picking set amid other string players swooping and slicing “Another Morning Rose”. Zak Trojano offers a performance on Yesterday’s Sun showcases all the hooks in a singer-songwriter’s tackle box. Zak is a New Hampshire-born fly fisherman and casts out the tunes, his fingers flying over the strings to match the passion in his request to “Get Me Right” and cradling the heartfelt promises on “Away”.

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