Stone Cupid (from the album The Cardinal) - The Cardinal is a volume of work as a collection of thirteen stories that Julie Christensen inks for the album. Stone Cupid takes the stories song into song with vivid swaths of sound to back Julie Christensen at the microphone. She is bordered with a dual sonics and strums by Sergio Webb and Chris Tench, held in place with a rhythm section of Bones Hillman (Midnight Oil) on bass, and Steve Latanation (Legendary Shack Shakers) on drums. The Cardinal professes faith in Roots music with percussive patters (“Saint on a Chain”), Blue twang (“Would You Love Me”), and Country Rock (“Broken Wing”). With its Roots deep, Stone Cupid gives the tracks freedom to wander in Rock bombast without the need for studio glitz and polish.

The character’s that walk through Julie Christensen’s stories are supported in their decisions and missteps with the richness of her vocals, aged in fronting her band Divine Horsemen, and providing background harmony for Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen. As the rhythms of “No Mercy” become a whirling froth, they are stirred with snarling guitars as the six string x2 continues to take leads, creating a current for “Girl in the Sky” to float on a river of sparse riffs and airy chord swells. The double guitars on The Cardinal subtly give the album a structured border as they chop chords, nipping at the beat with snaking licks in “Live and Not Die Trying”, gently cradling “Anthem” as it searches for signs, lightly touching “Broken as I Am” with textured guitar tones, cutting deep rows through “Riverside”, and pulling their six strings tighter to give wings to the title track.   

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