Alice Wallace (from the album Memories, Music and Pride) - Alice Wallace songs are a dart that hits s specific spot in the catalog of Country music, with the power in her voice mirroring the siren crooners of 1960’s Country, artists like Patsy Cline and Eddy Arnold. 


Memories, Music and Pride is the third release from Alice Wallace, the first on California Country Records. The album is a product of Southern California following the Roots of Alice Wallace, as well as producers Kirsten Proffit (Calico the band) and Steve Berns. The sadness of “Leave” plays on a mournful cantina wind as “Grateful” falls as softly as a Sierra snow.

Alice Wallace namechecks another desert icon when “Poor Cleopatra” burns from the sulfur left in former cooper mining hub Jerome, Arizona, “Luck, Texas” is a souvenir from a road trip for Alice and her band, and “A Traveling Song” balances the lives of touring musicians against the inspiration found in those making a difference in the world by their own hands. Memories, Music and Pride showcases the voice of Alice Wallace as a force, rolling in as slowly and seeming peaceful as storm clouds, letting go yet holding strong as the musical elements swirl around her. The album scratches out a beat with album opener “I Just Don’t Care Anymore” while Alice Wallace re-visits Patsy Montana’s1935 hit “I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”.

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