Jamie Lin Wilson  (from the album Holidays and Wedding Rings) by Michael Verity - If you close your eyes and pretend you’re wearing a pair of Jordache jeans and a John Denver haircut, the opening tune on Jamie Lin Wilson’s new album, “Just Like A Heartache,” sounds as much like Jennifer Warnes or Linda Ronstadt in LA circa ‘74 as it does a song recorded in Nashville a few months ago.


It sets the tone for this enjoyable 12 song solo debut of retro country written by Wilson and a troop of Nashville troubadours. Dani Flowers chipped-in to help pen the set’s second song, “She’ll Take Tonight,” a country ballad of heartache reminiscent of Rosanne Cash’s early work. “I built this house in 15 years, tongue and groove and tile and stone,” she sings on “You Left My Chair,” a thoughtful Jason Eady co-write of how it feels to be left behind.

Veteran country singer and  songwriter Wade Bowen contributed words and vocals on the Gram and Emmylou-styled duet “Just Some Things” while Heather Morgan’s pen pitched-in on the “side one” closer, the mournful “Roses By The Dozen.” Side Two starts with “Seven Year Drought,” a standard issue song of life on the parched farms and plains 0f the Midwest. Wilson’s own banjo built “Yours And Mine” is a lazy back porch toe-tapper, as easy as a child’s smile. “The man on the radio, said it’s never been so cold, and it’s coming tomorrow night,” she sings on the Owen Temple co-write “Here Tonight,” a song of bracing the cold with good company soon fleeting. The record closes with “Old Oldsmobile,” a Wilson solo piece reminiscent of Emmylou’s “Red Dirt” repertoire. Well-known as the lead singer of The Trishas, this solo debut is a fine calling card for Jamie Lin Wilson as both a solo act as well as a well-heeled country song collaborator. by Michael Verity

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