It is only fitting that Girls, Guns and Glory chose a New Year’s Eve live setting to tribute Hank Williams. The band has been performing Hank Williams shows, and the recording stamps their presentation of muse moments for GGG. Ward Hayden grew up in a home that loved classic country, so as a teenager, Ward wanted to hear anything but Country music. He recalls that ‘"around when I turned 20 and the lyrics started making a whole lot of sense is when it hit me.  If you've never had your heart broken then country music can sound like a bunch of twangy gibberish’, Ward got Hank and with Girls Guns and Glory Presents: A Tribute to Hank Williams, he and the boys get it on with Hank.

Girls, Guns and Glory have no desire to impress with obscure tunes from the Hank Williams I catalog. Girls Guns and Glory Presents: A Tribute to Hank Williams plays the hits but it is not a late night, covers only, version of songs made famous by Hank Williams. This is a live album for folks that will more than likely eat the band alive if they sniff one ounce of poser or spy the slightest fake stance from the lead guitar. Not a problem….guitarist Chris Hersch is in the riff zone and never delivers one note for flash and circumstance. Girls, Guns and Glory mange to honor and own the tracks on Girls Guns and Glory Presents: A Tribute to Hank William. If there is a kinship between Mr. Williams, son of the south, and Girls, Guns and Glory, boys from the North Country, it is how they all found their respective ways into music they had no business knowing. Ward Hayden see that  "Hank Williams was a game changer. I've read a few Hank biographies and something that often gets mentioned that I feel a connection with is that before Hank Williams there weren't cowboy hats in 'Hillbilly Folk,' which became country music. That's a western thing. Hank's from Alabama and there aren't too many cowboys in Alabama. He got the image of the American Cowboy from watching guys like Gene Autry on TV and he incorporated it into his style and after his success it became commonplace for that western style to show up in country music."

Ward intros all the guys joining in for a Tex Ritter tune that Hank heard as a good song with “Dear John”. The band do a fine job of revisiting the music of Hank Williams…but come on. It is New Year’s Eve, the show is on home ground at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Mass and Girls, Guns and Glory are doing the music of Hank Williams. So yeah, GG are ringers for this album but so what? Ringers aim for the back wall and that is where each and every one of the songs lands. Ward proudly sees their five year tradition of performing Hank as a tradition due to the man who ‘’ was a wild man and he felt both physical and emotional pain in a very intense and deep way. His songs are a testament to that. Hank's music has had a huge impact on the way I view music and songwriting and the emotional honesty that can get put into a three minute long song. He was a master of boiling down a moment and an emotion, and in my own songwriting I have constantly used his work as an example of how you don't need to necessarily get wordy and say a lot, all the while still saying so much on a much deeper level. This tribute has been a dream come true and the icing on the cake is that we had such a good time performing his songs and bringing up friends to guest with us and share in the experience."

Girls Guns and Glory Presents: A Tribute to Hank Williams does exactly what the marquee promises. “Jambalaya” opens the album on a bass bump and snare shots with no one tapping on the breaks before the show closes out with “I Saw the Light”. Girls, Guns and Glory manage the dual role of fans and players as they rock a version of “Moanin’ the Blues”, go to a hushed acoustic guitar to let Ward’s voice claim “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, duets on“Your Cheatin’ Heart” with Miss Tess (Miss Tess and the Talkbacks) and follow the same model when Cecelia Woodsmith of Della Mae shares the microphone on “Move It on Over”. GGG have “Honky Tonk Blues”, lead a singalong for “Hey Good Lookin’” and count blessings with hard won “Rocking Chair Money” on Girls Guns and Glory Presents: A Tribute to Hank Williams.

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