Kelley McRae (from the album Easy on My Mind)- Kelley McRae and Matt Castelein are traveling troubadours. They traded in an NYC apartment for a VW camper and became road musicians. Kelley was a Mississippi native, meeting Matt when she moved to Brooklyn.


If spending hours together riding asphalt is as comfortable as the sound of Easy on My Mind, the latest release from Kelley McRae, then hitch a ride in the backseat….the trip will be a good one.The pair swing and sway to the country, rock’n’roll and mountain music that gathers in their songs.

Easy on My Mind is equally easy on the mind and ears. The music does not challenge, yet it does entice by its simplicity. “So Fine” celebrates a milestone anniversary that comes and goes without a blip on the radar yet there is little that could mean more to the two that are sharing the moment. Kelley McRae’s vocals match the lazy rhythm that grounds the title track. Sometimes there is more to see in answers than questions and “Fair Weather” looks out to sea watching for individuals seeking their own path rather than following the person in front of you. Kelley McRae shuffles a raw Roots rhythm in “Stay Close to Me”, pays tribute “At the Feet of Love” and admits that ‘she is not as much of a fool’ to miss a “Full Cup”.

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