Echo Sparks (from the album Ghost Town Girl) - Folk is where the songs of Echo Sparks are born though like much of life in 2015, once you are born you are anybody’s game. There is a sprawling Indie film story line to the songs on Ghost Town Girl, the group’s most recent release.


What separates the songs, and the music, of Echo Sparks from its perpetual Indie screen peers, and the Folk or die legions that cradle fragile stories, is the way the band deliver the tracks on Ghost Town Girl. “End of the Line” is a murder ballad born in the best Mountain Music traditions. Echo Sparks have the unique ability to blend voices in a way that the bad news is delivered with a spoonful of sugar, or some sort of more contemporary mood adjuster. The tune sound tracks a Glenn Close cuddly attachment to a Michael Douglas-style Fatal Attraction. There is an animal-rights friendly ending where no hot water is on rabbits, just a perfectly acceptable bullets on humans.

Echo Sparks are a SoCal band that takes pride in heritage from the days of wash tub bass, coyote harmonies, cigar-box guitar, revolutions, Dust Bowl refugees and San Joaquin Valley rail riders. The songs of Ghost Town Girl haunt the street corners and coffee shops that make the world safer for intelligent and irreverence to lay down to make Hey! The bright light from a late-night Mexicali rhythm vies for attention with the equally glowing “Mexican Moon” while the black and white noir texture of “Torch Song” promises to ‘burn your ass down if that woman’s in sight’.  Echo Sparks put a turtle-neck sweater and a virgin smile on songs of revenge (“Broken Arrow”), booty call bravado (“Princess of Fresno”) and ethereal harmonies that drift together like the foggy mist gathering on the title track.

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