Like every family as they grow, we ran out of room for music. The Record Rack section was meant to take care of the incoming music. Diversity is great, and we love hosting a format that represents Americana, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Classic Country, Soul, and other forms of American Roots music. It does, however, create a bit of a music jam.  Five Flying Under the Radar continues both the Record Rack and the Under the Radar section to bring more independent artists to your eyes and ears; words above and music below.

Hanneke Cassel – (from the album Dot the Dragon’s Eyes) - Hanneke Cassel does exactly what she advertises on the cover of her most recent release, Dot the Dragon’s Eyes. The dozen tracks collected on the album feature the lady and her violin center stage. She has made a life study of what a fiddle can do and say, and for the recording, she brings both her playing influences (Scottish, Cape Breton, Texas) as well as life experiences working with children on the streets of Kenya, round the globe trips including ten journeys to China and residences in Shanghai and Boston. The beauty of Hanneke Cassel’s music lies in her abilities yet it is the musician’s talent of not getting in the way of the melody, allowing her multi-cultural minds ear find the right path.  Originally from Oregon, Hanneke Cassel is a Scottish fiddle champion, and attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music in the early days of their groundbreaking string program.

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The Van Burens – Presidential Love Fest - Summer school is a blast this year. The Van Burens have devised a way to make history fun and footloose…..funk it up!  Presidential Love Fest takes the stories of four Commanders-in-Chief’s and tells tales over a rock opera that dips and dives through a jam full of rhythms (“LBJ”), rock the beat for a skanking run at Congress (“Reagan”) and head for a party down at the Watergate hotel with funk in tow (“Tricky Dicky”). The Van Burens round out the E.P. with two non-Beltway tunes, “Hey Everybody” and “This Town”.

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Bill Scorzari  (from the album Just the Same) - Bill Scorzari creates songs that act as curators for folk, blues and Americana origins. Just the Same, his most recent release, picks gentle folk blues (“She Says”), sun-dappled folk note reveries (“I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You” and stiches rail rhythm into the tracks (“I Keep Rollin’ On”). Bill Scorzari recalls the early 60’s Village folk men like Dave Van Ronk and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. Musicians who had a way of holding the past in their live set and taking what they hear into the music they create today. Bill lets influence base his original songs, using melody and a talking blues growl in his vocal that delivers the modern moments in tunes like “Baby's Got a New Dress” and “Eight of Nine (Just the Same) through a sepia-tuned guitar.

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The Smoke Wagon Blues Band - (from the album Live in Hamilton) - Hamilton, Ontario was ground zero for the music of Smoke Wagon Blues Band. Captured live at Stonewall’s Music Hall in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), the band revs and rips into live paint-pealing blues. Funky chords make an intro to “Josephine” and “Smoke Wagon Boogie” is full disclosure for all a live Smoke Wagon show can be. Jazzy basement club blues dims the lights and follows the horn notes down a misty path for Bill Withers “Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone”.

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Lee Sims (from the album Deep in the Heart of Me) - Lee Sims is a country gentleman, from the cover pose on his most recent release, Deep in the Heart of Me, through his classic country musical offerings and the class he has as lead characters in his tales. “Why You Been Gone So Long” deals with the past and handles love’s absence as something only Thunderbird and writing a sad song can cure. The wisdom of Lee Sims’ songs is plain yet poignant. At a bar in Las Cruces he whirls another’s lady on the floor as the band plays “The Waltz” hoping for a night full of three-quarter time tunes and crosses under Lone Star skies to Amarillo for a “Texas Girl”.

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