Georgia Satellites   (from the album Georgia Satellites) - The Georgia Satellites trajectory did not immediately send anything up when the band (loosely) formed in 1980 around Atlanta-based musicians, Dan Baird and Rick Richards. They began to appear under the band name with a residency in Atlanta, Georgia, and recorded demos. Nothing was catching a spark and the group disbanded in 1984.

Little Richard   (form the album Little Richard, Directly from the Heart on Specialty Records through Concord Music Group) - Richard Wayne Penniman was twenty-one years old when Art Rupe signed him to Specialty Records. Being in a family as one of twelve children gave Little Richard Penniman the need for a more attention than Leva Mae and Charles ‘Bud’ Penniman had to go around. Not unusual for kids from big families, though in the case of Little Richard, that desire was on steroids.

Gillian Welch   (from the album Soul Journey release date 6-3-03) - Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings had logged four albums into Gillian’s recording output when Soul Journey was released. After backing the songs on the 2001 release, Time (the Revelator), with just guitar and banjo, Soul Journey rides with a fuller load of instruments for its song delivery, adding electric guitars, drums, and organ. As with all of her album releases, the center point in the recording is the way the words lay over the music, the way Gillian walks through the stories, observing and exposing all she sees.

Continental Drifters   (from the album Drifted: In the Beginning and Beyond on Omnivore Recordings) - For many years, Continental Drifters could have been considered ‘more a legend than a band’ (thanks to The Flatlanders for their album title). Omnivore Recordings has changed that with the release of Drifted: In the Beginning and Beyond. The band first gathered in Los Angeles (1990) via a yearlong jam residency at Raji’s. Relocation to New Orleans for a decade long career that was brought to a halt by Hurricane Katrina, which demolished the homes of band members and Continental Drifters scattered.

The Textones   (from the album Midnight Mission on Omnivore Recordings) - The Textones released two albums that have been given another look at life through recent Omnivore Recordings releases. Several years apart, the albums featured Carla Olson and crew creating an early version of Americana, structuring its Alt Country with a heavier foot in the Rock camp Roots.

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