Nellie Clay and the Lucky Dogs (from the album Never Did What I Shoulda Done) - The Last Frontier that became the breeding ground for the songs of Nellie Clay was not made of stars or outer spaces. Quick summers, and long winters filed with ice and snow created the solitude on what might have sometimes seemed like the end of civilization. The environment provided the turmoil and triumphs that gave Nellie the stories for Never Did What I Shoulda Done. The album was produced by James Frazee, with recordings taking place in Anchorage, Alaska at Studio 2200. Nellie Clay was born in Oklahoma, spending eight years in Alaska, a time she credits with her musical rebirth, with songs stacking up in the corners of a small rustic cabin with no utilities that was often her home.

Nellie Clay and the Lucky Dogs stay warm as Nellie puts flames to the snow in “Burning Fires”, wonders on reasons as she utters a late warning to “Sweet Elizabeth”, rides a hard beat “Into the City”, quietly beds down in tougher times with “Sleeping on Floors”, and taps out the message “That Cookin’ Up That Love” sets the kitchen to dancing. The album opens using rhythms as soft breezes that blow through “Oklahoma”. Nellie Clay and the Lucky Dogs presents tales that show spirt bending though no breaks fracture the resolve Nellie venomously spits at a sister-in-law in “9 Kinds of Hell” while she boards the bus with the band vowing “Ain’t Dead Yet”. 

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