Guy Clark (from the album The Best of the Dualtone Years)

The last chapter of recordings from Guy Clark were released through Dualtone Records. Beginning in 2006, Guy had four albums come into the world through the East Nashville label, three from the studio, Workbench Songs, Somedays the Song Writes You and My Favorite Picture of You, and from the stage with the live disc, Songs and Stories. Guy Clark’s craftmanship for songwriting was the constant on his releases as the label imprints changed, and his words and music are collected as a two-disc set with the recent release, Guy Clark, The Best of the Dualtone Years. The album showcases his song output during Guy’s decade with the label as well as presenting previous releases in a live setting from the Song and Stories collection which features such classic moments as “Dublin Blues”. “L.A. Freeway”, “The Randall Knife”, “The Cape”, and “Homegrown Tomatoes”.

Three unreleased demos make an appearance with “The Last Hobo”, “Time” (a co-write with Marty Stuart), and “Just to Watch Maria Dance”. The Best of the Dualtone Years lets a songman look back on a life in music as “Maybe I Can Paint Over That” considers giving mistakes a new look as “Hemingway’s Whiskey” speaks to the trouble finding the right words, hometown weather watches Amarillo blow up the road with “Tornado Time in Texas”, and “Magdalene” rolls the dice for decisions. The Best of the Dualtone Years reads an open letter between the lines from the album My Favorite Picture of You, sent to Susanna Clark, Guy’s wife of forty years as well as best friend to Townes Van Zandt, whose “If I Needed You” is covered on the album. Guy holds an image and a memory in his hands with the title track on the recording as he re-visits a border tale with “El Coyote”, holds an audio umbrella for the cowgirl waiting in “Rain in Durango”, and slowly spins in three-quarter time with “Cornbread Waltz”. Guy Clark is an American treasure and The Best of the Dualtone Years shares a few moments in his long dance with songwriting.

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