The Kingbees (from the album The Big Rock on Omnivore Recordings) - The Kingbees disbanded after the release of the second album, The Big Rock. The band was a next step for rockabilly, bringing twang into rock’n’roll without either piece taking over the sound.  The Big Rock has an eighties feel to the production, with the vintage textures fitting more into music of 2016 than hitting the wall at rock radio during its initial release. The Kingbees title their album as a volley tossed at the competition taking up the airwaves, throwing down a glove with the line ‘crank it up ‘til your ears bleed and don’t get lost in that big drum beat. Hey! It’s the big rock and it don’t roll no more…no, no I wanna a little rock’n’roll’. Frontman Jamie James recalled that ‘a big rock sound had all but obliterated ‘real’ or ‘roots’ rock’n’roll on contemporary radio stations across America. This was impetus for me, along with Michael and Rex, to perpetrate some good old rock’n’roll with a hint of Country, a dash of Punk, and a full load of heart and Soul in hopes we could get short, snappy rock’n’roll songs played on radio again’.

The Kingbees rave it up on Mack Vickery’s “Rockin' My Life Away”, and Carl Perkins’ “Boppin’ the Blues”. The Big Rock title track opens the album, setting the bar for surf-a-billy (“Stick It Out!”), honky tonk boogie (“Burnin' the Town Tonite”), new wave rockabilly (“She Ain't My Baby”), and a Blue Jazz jam (“She Can’t Make-Up Her Mind”).

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