The Connells (from the album Stone Cold Yesterday, The Best of The Connells)

The Connells carved out a niche for their music in an era when college radio made careers. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the band formed in 1984, recording albums with late 80’s/early 90’s A-list producers such as Mitch Easter and Lou Giordano. The Bicycle Music Company has gathered tracks for a Best of The Connells collection, Stone Cold Yesterday. The title track was the first hit from The Connells that caught radio ears with their cut, “74-75”, breaking the band internationally, the tune reaching number one status in several European markets. Musically, The Connells’ songs became templates for the emerging Indie Rock scene that made the focus for the tracks in a singer/songwriter styles, bringing the more structured arrangements into a Rock format.

Easy rock is the backing track for The Connells as a slow shuffle lazily wraps around the jangle of “Uninspired” while “Carry My Picture” puts an edge into a Southern sway with sharp guitar notes as “Slackjawed” barrels along with a solid groove, and “Over There” rumbles its rhythm with train track beats, assured percussion and gentle vocals. Stone Cold Yesterday captures cuts from a Carolina band that wrote history for Indie music with their take on Rock. The Connells became an ever-present soundtrack for college radio, supporting studies with intelligent lyrics, adding a touch of Celtic tones to “Scotty’s Lament”, casually stalking love on the hardened beats and sparkly guitar jangle of “Fun and Games”, and bending notes with a slightly Country twang as Stone Cold Yesterday counters claims that ‘she never listens to me a night’, with suggestions on “Get a Gun”.

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