Jimmy Buffett (from the vinyl album release of AIA)

The fifth album release for Jimmy Buffet put A1A on the map. Key West, Florida had fallen out of favor after a history of pirates, and refugees from both political and artistic persecution. Jimmy Buffet introduced a new generation of pirates flying under the radar, lighting the first bonfire to lead legions down to the southernmost point in the U.S. A1A was created by a Key West Country band and was a foundation stone in Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Key West Phase’. The album was an entry for future Country players like Zac Brown to incorporate island dreams into Country music for the masses.

Coral Reefer Band member Steve Goodman came in for a co-write on “Door Number Three”, the tune joining cover tracks such as John Sebastian’s “Stories We Could Tell” and Alex Harvey’s “Making Music for Money”. Jimmy Buffet dips his pen into the mixed waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean as he sits on a beachfront porch while Gulf steam breezes pick up in “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season”. Jimmy Buffet raises a “Tin Cup Chalice” to toast fellow “Nautical Wheelers” with the Coral Reefer Band. AIA is bordered with the memories of a Gulf Coast youth in “Stories We Could Tell” as Jimmy Buffet for the strong wind of rock’n’roll as a lifestyle with “A Pirate Looks at Forty”.

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