Trampled by Turtles (from the album Wild Animals) - Trampled by Turtles cast the Wild Animals title track as a sonic net to introduce the album. The track is liquid and acts as an overture, and a musical full disclosure for the songs that follow. Trampled by Turtles created a base, expanded and nurtured fans, and presented themselves as a Indie Rock String Band. “Wild Animals” has its border set by Folk Rock and dreamy Americana, even after the distorted sweep of guitar chords that announces the track’s exit. There are moments of fast on the album, songs that confidently rely on the bands ability to shred its acoustics.

For the most part, the overall sound of the album is a drastic change only in the balance of songs BPM. On Wild Animals, Trampled By Turtles expand on their song catalog by being more inclusive in their rhythms and in their ability to still infuse the tracks with the raggedy roots that makes the music of Trampled by Turtles so damn authentic. These guys are not casting off the music that put them on the bill as they drove to more high-profile gigs since their 2003 birth in Duluth, Minnesota. Wild Animals is Research & Development for a band that has become its own small business and brand. Trampled by Turtles are not changing, they are just investigating all of the corners where they can set up and play.

“Silver Light” shimmers along with violin swoops and a committed chord strums, as an ethereal shudder tries to flesh out “Ghosts” with hints of cataclysmic events occurring as seasons changes. As Wild Animals roams through it songs moods materialize on the sweep and sway of gentle of turbulent grooves. TxT frontman Dave Simonett rarely lets out a note that is not well-rounded and curved so that his vocals fit and flow over the stories. Having consistency in the vocal delivery, and belief in their frontman’s honey-warm voice, has allowed the playing to naturally let itself grow. “Are You Behind the Shooting Star?” has one riff that leads the arrangement into, through and out of the tune. The groove may be simple but the varied use of backing from string sections to the use of a trapped tambourine tap up the interest ante.  One note attaches instruments with its trance-like glue as the band look for “Lucy” while “Hollow” lets fiddles, mandolins and assorted other strings fill in any available space. Trampled by Turtles have done a masterful job of changing without doing anything more than use the Indie DIY playbook for sounds and styles that fit under their banner.

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