Magic Sam Blues Band (from the album Black Magic) - Delmark Records has re-issued the second album from Magic Sam Blues Band with their 1968 release, Black Magic. The recording gained Magic Sam entry to the Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1969 for a set that became his breakthrough performance. Magic Sam (Sam Maghett) died tragically of a heart attack at age thirty-two in 1969, about to sign with Stax Records, and Black Magic is his last studio recording. Many claim that Magic Sam was at the front of the pack for modern Chicago Bluesmen, and Black Magic crackles with the energy of Soul and Blues music being refined by a Jazz sophistication and bringing a more rock’n’roll heft and playfulness to stage the songs for the crossover Pop market.

Magic Sam was a Bluesman, claiming “I am a Bluesman, but not the dated Blues – the modern type of Blues. I’m the modern type of bluesman’. The Vintage Blues and Soul sound and recording still is not dated in the Delmark re-issue. The Magic Sam Blues Band swerve into Otis Rush’s “Keep Loving Me, Baby”, Lowell Fulsom’s “It’s All Your Fault”, and Willie Dixon’s “Easy, Baby”. Black Magic conjures up an electric blues that was taking its first breaths for the 1968 recording of the album, demanding an answer as it stomps into “What Have I Done Wrong”, swaggers in on Blue Funk for “Stop! You’re Hurting Me”, and percolates with Surf Soul on “San-Ho-Zay”.

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