Danny Barnes  (from the album Get Myself Together (ten years later)) - Time has been tough on the original Get Myself Together release from Danny Barnes. The album came in 2005 and the label that hosted the effort folded, granting the recording high dollar status on EBay. Letters from fans of the album have been a constant for Danny Barnes and the need for the album to be available again was appealing. The staff at Eight 30 Records in Austin, Texas were among those listeners that heard worth in the original album and brought the album back into affordable with the release of Get Myself Together (ten years on). The album is acoustic, showcasing Danny’s talents on banjo as well presenting the playing as standing testament to why Danny Barnes received the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass in September 2015.

Danny Barnes formed The Bad Livers in Austin, Texas, guiding the band through a ten year run from 1990 through 2000. His solo work has continued from his home in Washington state and Danny Barnes ushers in Get Myself Together (ten years on) with the promises of the title track. Salvation optimism finds its way into “Let Your Light Shine on Me” and he aims to turn around the world for “Big Girl Blues”, lets the notes waver and wander under the options of “Get It on Down the Line”, and slaps a beat below the fast traveling banjo playing making its way through “Cumberland Gap”.

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