The Slide Brothers (from the album Robert Randolph Presents the Slide Brothers) - Do not be fooled be the ‘scared steel’ name that the style of The Slide Brothers wears. The title, like one hour cleaning, is just a phrase attached, it doesn’t apply directly. The sound of scared steel was born in the House of God Church more than 80 years ago but has since crossed over to mainstream secular success. Robert Randolph has revitalized the sacred steel tradition in the modern era and the push he gave the band to put some rock, funk and ferocious blues on record is captured on their debut album title.

Robert Randolph Presents The Slide Brothers. The band take covers and make them soar with sacred steel guitar work. George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” bows at the altar of some mighty riffing, the traditional “Wade in the Water” follows the band of string to glory along its instrumental path and Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” foregoes its trip-hop heritage to become a gospel rock god. The Slide Bothers exit the album with a New Orleans second line stepping message for the happiness you are looking for in the hereafter with “No Cheap Seats in Heaven.”

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