The Record Company (from the album Feels So Good) - The press release stated Morphine meets John Lee Hooker….it had me at Morphine. Los Angeles’ The Record Company had the good fortune to be influenced equally by The Stooges and Morphine in one corner and Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker in the other corner delivering a roundhouse punch from all sides. “Darlin’ Jane” is a soul roots barn dance doing the chicken scratch, “Baby I’m Broken” is electric blues and harmonica telling the story of the man on the losing end of love and “Roll Bones” one of the proudest bass lines ever to walk a groove.

The Record Company is L.A. –based but the balance of native to transplant it way off, with the we-‘re-not-from-here side taking on weight. TCR came together in the musical test tube of L.A with its three members hailing from Milwaukee (Chris Vos-guitar, vocals, harmonica), upstate New York (Marc Cazorla-drummer, vocals) and Philadelphia (Alex Stiff- bass, vocals). The Record Company keep their music “close to the bone” as Chris Vos points out. He brings that up for the band’s ability to fit into bills with punk, blues or rockabilly acts on the same bill. Feels So Good  opens with a rockabilly rumble for its title track. The drum pounds reel off the ‘don’t’s’ for the day. With the glut out of the way, the sound stages are cleared for the “green light” for the trance being laid down by the tom-tom’s. The Record Company plus size their sound with a feral roar and soulful promises and smirks.

The Record Company E.P. Feels So Good is out of print. Look for their Rounder Records debut, Give It Back to You, on February 12, 2016

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